We are Grateful

Our staff, volunteers, residents, and their families are so thankful for the generous support we have received through the years. Personal and corporate donations have made it possible for The Salvation Army Buchanan Lodge to fulfill its mission of "providing the finest care!"  Buchanan Lodge is a non-profit corporation registered as a Canadian charity. While we are owned and operated by the Governing Council of the Salvation Army in Canada, and publically funded through the Fraser Health Authority, donations from appreciative supporters have provided the special touches that make our place feel like home!

Recent fundraisers, gifts and grants have allowed us to add recreational programs, refresh the exterior of our facilities, improve interior furnishings, and continue to convert carpeted rooms to safer and more sanitary vinyl plank flooring. Capital upgrades are always needed in such a well-used facility. When our residents and their families comment on the clean, home-like atmosphere here, we are quick to point out our generous community of supporters who make what we do possible.

To make a donation, as ongoing support, a one-time gift, or in memory of a loved one, you can donate online through our CanadaHelps donation page OR in person at our facility. If you would like your donation to go towards a particular project, program, or other area of interest please be sure to specify this. If you are wishing to donate in person at Buchanan Lodge we will be pleased to issue a tax receipt immediately.

All donations and pledges are sincerely appreciated.

"As our brother's physical health deteriorated, we realized he was no longer safe at home. Never in his or our wildest dreams did we imagine utopia for him!   I see loving connections with residents and staff, efficiency in food service and helping those that need feeding support, a calm atmosphere, and programming that brightens everyone's day.  Sincere appreciation!"  Marlene

"It has been a weight lifted knowing that my mom has found such a safe and caring home in Buchanan Lodge. From the warm welcome on our very first day, to the doctors and medical professionals caring daily for my mom's needs, we have always felt connected to her care. She enjoys the great meals and the range of fun activities. She is encouraged to become involved in the daily life at the Lodge and she now has friends who share her enthusiasm and sense of fun. The home itself is lovely, surrounded by gardens, trees and shrubs which enhance the homey atmosphere. There are many sitting areas (inside and out) for visiting or quietly contemplating. My mom is truly enjoying her new home and we are delighted in her smooth transition to life at Buchanan Lodge." Shona

Some photos: