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Admission/Access Process: How does it work?
From Home/From Hospital:

For public-funded facilities there are no waiting lists. An assessment is the first step in assessing the need to be in care. The assessment is completed by Residential Client Services of the Fraser Health Authority and the individual requiring care is placed on a "first available and appropriate vacancy list". Priority will be given to those persons deemed to be the highest need and who are at the greatest risk.

Following the first available vacancy and once the person is in care at a facility, the resident may request their name go on the wait transfer list at a facility of their choice.

For more detailed information contact Residential Client Services, The Fraser Health Authority.

Tours will be scheduled once a month by the Clinical Care Coordinator for the following category only:

  • Residents who are already in residential care and on the wait list and who contact us. Contact number is 604 - 522 - 7033

There will be no public tours.
We do not tour people waiting in acute care for a FAB (First Available Bed)
We do not do ‘drop in’ tours.

For any other inquiries that do fit the “tour category” please contact General Inquiries for Residential Care (Fraser Health) @ 604-587-4483 ext. 765763

For residents and their families who are being admitted to our vacancy, an “Orientation Tour” will be arranged. The Director of Resident Services will be the point person.

Check out the Family Handbook

Nursing Department:

The Nursing Department is staffed with 24-hour nursing care, seven days per week. [RN's, RPN's, LPN's and Care Aides]. The Nursing Department coordinates other residential care services as listed below:

  • Physicians
  • Pharmacy
  • Podiatry
  • Dentistry
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Optometry
There are four resident "Houses". Two houses accommodate 34 residents each and two houses accommodate 22 residents each. Our "Special Care House" of 22 offers a full spectrum of special care nursing. The Nursing Department is a team that is committed to working with all members of a multidisciplinary team to achieve and provide excellence in care, a happy home environment and quality of life for all of the residents.


Chaplaincy is available as part of the care offered to residents, families and staff. Chaplains assist with emotional and spiritual needs. We believe that a listening ear is one of the most precious gifts a Chaplain can give. The Chaplains may assist a resident in the adjustment to their new home at Buchanan lodge and offer support in times of illness and sorrow. As members of the health care team the Chaplains provide information and expertise related to end of life issues. Chaplains facilitate religious rites and ceremonies no matter which faith you practice. The Chaplains are available to pray with you and if so desired can assist a resident to reconnect with their own faith community.

  • Nondenominational Christian services three times per week
  • Spiritual Reflections [thought provoking, interactive program on each house weekly], Easter and Christmas services, Christmas Candlelight family services, Memorial and graveside services.
  • Workshops for friends and families [eg. Coping with Grief, Visiting Those with Dementia].
  • Facilitation of Catholic Mass and interdenominational Holy Communion monthly.
  • There is an on call Chaplain 24 hours a day for palliative and bereavement care.

Resident attendance is optional for all Chaplaincy services and programs.


The Recreation Department provides a wide variety of therapeutic recreation programs that meet the social, physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological needs of the residents. Programs are offered seven days a week from 0900 to 1600 hours, as well as evening programs. Programs often include but are not limited to: Fitness and exercise, bus outings, baking, crafts, gardening, active games, bingo, trivia and other mentally stimulating programs. Special events include dinner parties, birthday teas, and ice cream socials, resident and family barbeques. We celebrate various holidays throughout the year, and we host both a Spring Fair for the community every May and a Fall Fair every November. A facility-owned wheelchair bus is utilized for scenic drives, lunch, dinner outings, shopping trips, concerts and other events. The recreation team works collaboratively with the volunteers and other departments.


On move-in day, we ask that you set up an account using our automatic withdrawal process for monthly maintenance fees and a comfort fund (for hairdressing services, tuck shop, medication, activities and outings). The comfort fund is required to have a minimum balance of $150.00.

There are also additional charges of:
Laundry Marking Labels $45.00
Change of Room (request of family) $150.00
Telephone (optional) $25.00
Initial Hook-Up of Telephone(optional)$35.00
Equipment Rental $25.00 to $65.00
Shaw Cable (optional) Family responsibility to setup with Shaw

Human Resources:

Buchanan Lodge is a unionized environment, working together with the Hospital Employees’ Union and British Columbia Nurses Union. Our philosophy and practice is to promote and maintain cooperative working relationships through optimal communication and goal-centered resolution.

Buchanan Lodge has approximately 160 staff members. Of special note, we are both fortunate and pleased to advise that our Facility is a “non contracting out” workplace.

For employment opportunities please email your resume to: Liz Mercado, Employee Relations Coordinator, at liz.mercado@buchanan-lodge.com.

Food Services:

The Food Services Department provides nutritious, appetizing "home-cooked" meals three times a day to our Residents. We provide two seasonal menus (Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter) offering a great variety of food items. We cater to allergies, special diets and food preferences as needed.

Breakfast is a traditional meal with cold or hot cereal, eggs, bacon or sausage, and toast. Fresh muffins, cinnamon buns, pancakes and waffles are also enjoyed on a regular basis. The main meal of the day is served at noon. Supper is always an excellent choice of soup, a casserole, sandwiches and/or a salad plate. Seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables are provided. Many of the prepared desserts are home made. Snacks of fresh fruit, baked goods and beverages are offered throughout the day.

Our four intimate dining areas offer a comfortable, home-like setting with a pleasant atmosphere. Guests are welcome to join us for meals for only $7 - breakfast, lunch or dinner. The following menus are on a regular rotation starting with Spring/Summer Week 1 beginning Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019:

Check out the Spring/Summer Week 1 Menu

Check out the Spring/Summer Week 2 Menu

Check out the Spring/Summer Week 3 Menu

Check out the Spring/Summer Week 4 Menu

Check out the Spring/Summer Week 5 Menu

Environmental Services:

Services include facility and equipment maintenance, laundry, housekeeping and janitorial.

Resident rooms are furnished with a bed, night table, armoire, dresser and sitting chair. We encourage personal items such as but not limited to pictures, television, radio, ornaments, books, etc. A special addition to each room is a Personal Memory Box for your special memorabilia.

Prior to bringing larger personal furnishings we ask that you consult with our Manager, Support Services. Thank you.