Jeremy has been in the Financial Planning business for the last 28 years. The first four were spent working exclusively for one family managing their wealth, which included a real estate portfolio, mortgage portfolio and development portfolio. Jeremy has spent the last 24 years as an independent financial planner with Worldsource Securities Inc.

Jeremy lives in Heritage Mountain with his wife, Kristy, who is a teacher in the district, and has three kids: Jacob (Gabi), Madeline (Joel), and Jordan.
Jeremy is actively involved in the community as a soccer coach, youth sponsor, and a member of his church.


Certified Financial Planner (C.F.P.)
Member of the Financial Advisors Association of Canada (Advocis)
Co-Author of “Dying Well”


Phone: 604-468-0890

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quick facts about me

Any Financial Planner can steer their clients through calm financial waters. However, Jeremy has masterfully and successfully guided us through countless turbulent financial storms for more than 10 years.

The key requirements of a true master in Financial Planning are integrity, insight, vision and patience. Jeremy exudes all these fine qualities. 

We will continue to recommend Jeremy and his team to our friends and family, knowing they will be as pleased as we continue to be. 

Ed & Terry

Carissa is detail oriented and organized, with a list for everything (and everyone). She graduated with a Bachelors Degree from SFU with a Business & Marketing focus. Carissa started working for Jeremy in 2001 and worked for 10 years as his executive assistant. She later took time to raise her family and build companies in the photography industry and online education. She's enjoyed being back in the office the last few years serving and connecting with all of you.

Carissa adores her family! Her 3 kids keep her busy with coaching softball, as well as watching a lot of hockey and dance!


Carissa kennedy

Chelsea joined Jeremy’s team as his Executive Assistant in September 2018. She graduated from the Douglas College Administration program at the top of her class. Her passion for providing excellent customer service and ability to recognize the needs of others make her invaluable in this position. Outside of the office, Chelsea enjoys attending live shows, cooking for family and friends, exercising and spending time outdoors.

Phone: 604-468-0890

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