Your health, safety and wellness are some of our top priorities! Our experienced staff are dedicated to helping you get the most out of everyday life. Our building and safety procedures are designed with features to keep you safe and give your family peace of mind.

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health, safety + wellness

"SAFE! One word that encompasses all aspects of Buchanan Lodge. The dictionary defines the word as ‘being free from harm or risk’. Buchanan Lodge represents our vision of living in a healthy, just society where all our needs are met. Considering everything happening in our world, SAFE at this top-notch facility is my biggest priority for my loved one. Thank-you! 

Elise Ferguson

Have peace of mind with our 24 hour staffing. We have reception and managers that are available during the day, as well as a night house staff available throughout the night.

We have emergency pull cords in bathrooms and at bedside for individual support. Video monitoring of all entrances and the parkade also ensure that residents are supported and safe.


The Nursing Department is staffed with 24/7 nursing care (RNs, RPNs, LPNs and Care Aides). The Nursing Department also coordinates other residential care services as listed below:
- Physicians
- Pharmacy
- Podiatry
- Dentistry
- Physiotherapy
- Optometry

There are four resident "Houses." Two houses accommodate 34 residents each and two houses accommodate 22 residents each. Our "Special Care House" of 22 offers enhanced care services.

Nursing, Support Services, Spiritual Care, Recreation, Maintenance and Administration are a multidisciplinary team, who work together to provide excellence in care, a happy home environment, and a quality of life for all of us at Buchanan Lodge.

health + wellness:

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