Executive Director – Blake Armstrong
Medical Director – Dr. Halai
Spiritual Health Coordinator – Rob Buzza
Director of Care – Tami Johnson
Clinical Nurse Team Lead – Amy Liang
Manager, Business & Operations – Lalit Sibal
Manager, Support Services – Joe Roche
Human Resources Advisor – Charmaine Coloma


Always welcoming &
making you feel at home!

Buchanan Lodge -
dedicated to working together to serve the residents

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quick facts about me

Spiritual Health - Ross Johnston, Lynn Grice
Dietitian - Mia Yuen
Physiotherapist - Niyati Thaker, Salius Rehab Inc.
Rehab Assistant - Narendran Lakshmikantham, Salius
Mobile Dental Services - Dr. Zul Nathoo
Mobile Podiatry Services - Dr. Kevin Low
Scheduler – Rosa Leatherdale
Resident Accounts/Receptionist - Genevieve Osborne 

other professional services

Our volunteers play a big part in making Buchanan Lodge feel like home. Their warmth, enthusiasm, and generousity help to create such a positive environment, others often want to join the fun. If that's you or someone you know, feel free to connect with our Volunteer Coordinator.

Opportunities for volunteering include:

- Assist with Recreation Programs 
- Accompany Bus Trips 
- Computer Facilitator 
- Assist with Dinner Parties
- Escort Residents 
- Serve as Tuck Shop Clerk 
- Assist Spiritual Health

Please contact: 
Recreation: 604 636 3659 or


Our staff & volunteers are dedicated to working together to provide our residents with exceptional care!

Check out our job postings below and, if you are interested in a certain position, contact
Please email her your résumé and a cover letter indicating the position you are applying for.

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