spiritual care series

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3 Saturdays:
May 11, 18, 25 2024
9 am - 4 pm

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The Spiritual Care Series is an 8-part course designed to equip health professionals and volunteers with the skills necessary to help older people discover pathways to meaningful aging. Built upon the realization that, while physical and mental health are essential to a person’s well-being, it is not enough. True, holistic care means understanding and supplying their spiritual needs as well.

Spiritual Care Series provides participants with everything from a realistic understanding of the aging process, to practical techniques for re-connecting people with their pasts, and coping with the losses that come with the aging journey.

about the course

 (each session is approximately 2 hours)

Session 1: Understanding the aging journey May 11
Session 2: Spirituality in aging May 11
Session 3: Good communication May 11
Session 4: The power of story telling May 18
Session 5: Dementia May 18
Session 6: A new home and a new way of life May 18
Session 7: Grief and loss, death and dying May 25
Session 8: Roles, boundaries and self-care May 25
Session 9: Mental health care May 25

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Lunch each Saturday


series includes:

This series of Workshops is being offered especially to Volunteers who wish to serve at Buchanan Lodge Long Term Care.

The Spiritual Health Team wants to invest in your training so that you will feel confident in providing spiritual care to the residents you will be visiting.

The principles taught in this series will apply to all your connections with seniors, both inside Buchanan and in the community where you live.

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